Bound In Latex

Welcome to our bound in latex experience. This site shows our journey into all things rubber and bondage. We want to share our fantasies and the things we do with other likeminded people. This is a free site and there are no member sections, these are the pictures of things we like doing, not that we're paid to do.

You'll see that pictures are all about the experience, we're trying to capture a moment and a feeling rather than having the best technical photographs. So with that out of the way, we hope you like the pictures, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments (we now moderate comments due to the amount of spam) or email to jlatex AT gmail DOT com.

About our 3D videos

We record some videos in 3D and we've made them available for viewing if you have a 3D TV. The easiest way to view these is to download the file to a USB stick and put it into your 3D TV. Some TVs will notice the movie is 3D and play it correctly, otherwise you may have to select '3D' mode yourself, and select 'side by side' if asked. Do let us know if you watch our 3D videos.