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  • Julian on 2004-Dec-03 05:58:14 Julian said

    a beautiful and arousing rubber behind
  • on 2004-Dec-03 10:42:18 said

    you can say that again ;)
  • Ern on 2004-Dec-04 09:04:07 Ern said

    Absolutely Stunning picture
  • Blackandred on 2004-Dec-16 14:26:49 Blackandred said

    Its a great catsuit. Looks realy perfect!
  • latexbloke on 2004-Dec-19 05:49:33 latexbloke said

    love 2 polish that sexy ass
  • on 2004-Dec-31 08:11:03 said

    Beautiful perfect cheeks!
  • loco on 2005-Jan-03 15:19:45 loco said

    what pretty butt!
  • hopefully on 2005-Jan-10 05:44:25 hopefully said

    god your sexy
  • justine on 2005-Jan-19 03:37:02 justine said

    such a sweet butt, just waiting to be warmed....
  • lslv on 2005-Feb-17 10:32:43 lslv said

    you always look so natural in your latex, it really is your skin
  • gas mask on 2005-Apr-30 07:23:16 gas mask said

    pity she's not wearing a gas mask
  • justine on 2005-Aug-21 08:28:52 justine said

    such a sweet behind. I wish I could lick her rubbuer encased bottom...
  • on 2005-Sep-12 15:04:35 said

    gorgeous body!
  • joe on 2005-Oct-21 15:27:29 joe said

    Great Picture;)
    and now go in the pool for cooling.
  • on 2005-Nov-22 07:23:32 said

    There is nothing better than a beautiful covered Latex ass.And she has a perfect ass for that outfit.
  • Unknown on 2006-Aug-11 16:25:47 Unknown said

    I'd love to see you with some cleavage hanging out and haveing a bath with a gasmask on and a shink tight catsuit and show all of these positions
  • LAtex Freak on 2006-Sep-07 13:05:02 LAtex Freak said

    Really Nice ASS !!!!!
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-13 10:33:14 Rubber.R said

    Hmmm! Nice position J,nice rubberwear too. Oh to just undo that zip a little and it's off to rubber sex heaven.