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  • Julian on 2004-Dec-03 13:53:03 Julian said

    love you in the gasmask and hood.This has a wonderful innocence and eroticism
  • omar on 2005-Jan-03 15:18:21 omar said

    she's a beautiful woman, please publish more J's photos
  • Craig on 2005-Jan-12 04:53:10 Craig said

    A lovely lady in shiny black rubber, what more could I ask 4 - except more pictures of J in figure hugging black rubber
  • anon on 2005-Apr-13 05:38:35 anon said

    great latex photo, but needs a gas mask
  • honestjoe on 2006-Apr-15 11:51:08 honestjoe said

    you don't need a gas mask.
    Your face is a sexy as you arse and that's a complement!!
  • ttimmy on 2006-Jul-22 18:17:00 ttimmy said

    i like you the way you are
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-13 10:27:28 Rubber.R said

    Sexy photo,sexy lady,sexy pose,sexy rubberwear,very contented!