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  • bonding99 on 2006-Jan-03 23:35:03 bonding99 said

    Red and Black, Great Big Collar.
  • ???? on 2006-Mar-10 13:49:30 ???? said

  • Rubber R. on 2009-Jun-23 13:54:13 Rubber R. said

    Oh wow. The stuff of rubber dreams,we are so lucky to get to see these photos of a lady rubberists bondage sessions,thank you.
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Mar-18 17:33:49 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are having lots of rubbery fun and taking plenty of pictures too hopefully?! I have just got totally enclosed in lovely black rubber again,ready to spend the night enclosed and in my sleep sack too,and am just laying on my rubber bed looking at some of your photos before I go to sleep and dream of you in your rubber,what will we get up to tonight,the possibilities! Being with you as you are here would be a good starting point as you look amazing in your rubber wear and bondage gear J,so very sexy as always. By the end of my dream we will both have had plenty of orgasms,and it will end with us both still totally rubbered up,cuddling up to each other sleeping in our rubber bed,wow! Thanks for being so amazing and being my dream rubber girl J. Good night and take care.
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Mar-19 02:46:31 Rubber.R said

    Hi J. Thank you for making my night in rubber so amazing yet again! The dream went as predicted,and it was all so perfect. The highlight though was cuddling up with you,both of us still in our rubber wear,totally exhausted and falling asleep with you listening to your breathing through your gas mask,smelling your rubber through my gas mask and feeling your warmth through my rubber. Thank you so much dream rubber girl,take care. (Btw I just wanted to say that I really hope my comments don't ever cause offence J,as we are so lucky to get to see into your rubber world and to comment too. Unfortunately I'm a solo rubberist and you are my proof that dreams can come true for some lucky guys,so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It also just happens to be that you are a stunning lady J,in every way and always look so perfect in your rubber wear and bondage! Thank you so much J&J,and please keep sharing.)
  • RubberPrince on 2013-May-10 09:40:30 RubberPrince said

    Mmmmmmh, so horny. Amazing.