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  • Rubbafella on 2005-Nov-29 05:42:22 Rubbafella said

    Please keep posting your pics. I for one really appreciate the time and effort it must take. You look absolutely fantastic in rubber. Thanks.
  • will on 2005-Dec-02 01:36:48 will said

    Absolutley fantastic picture, could look at it all day
  • dean_moriarty on 2005-Dec-18 15:13:27 dean_moriarty said

    Wow! I would give precisely £3,987.76 to be that outfit! Thanks as always for you pictures!
  • rubberman on 2006-Jan-21 02:07:46 rubberman said

    great gas mask
  • bütz on 2006-Feb-26 13:26:11 bütz said

    de bütz
  • on 2006-Jul-04 06:56:35 said


    is the mask Homemade?
    or where can I get one like this?
  • moomin on 2006-Jul-21 08:29:46 moomin said

    great pic, plus you can see the other suits in the background :P
  • dwadwa on 2006-Aug-13 03:10:14 dwadwa said

    I WANT IT!!
  • julian on 2006-Oct-31 11:40:30 julian said

    she looks very sexy in her red pvc clothes i love the look of her in pvc clothes
  • scumbag on 2006-Dec-01 11:04:03 scumbag said

    The lady said she fancied some cream cheese, instead she got a little mask-a-pony (mascarpone)
  • Rubber R. on 2009-Jun-23 17:04:42 Rubber R. said

    Am i dreaming?! What a photo,J u are beautiful,even more so when you're in total enclosure rubber bondage. If had had to describe my dream rubber photo this picture would sum it up.