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  • patrick on 2005-Nov-23 11:57:26 patrick said

    my wife spends hours like this - at hewr request
  • will on 2005-Dec-08 01:14:10 will said

    another stunning picture - hooded and helpless
  • pasaband on 2006-Aug-23 04:40:21 pasaband said

    how about some sound
  • Rubber R. on 2009-Jun-23 17:09:36 Rubber R. said

    Truly amazing photos,thank u so much.
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-03 09:20:07 Rubber.R said

    Everytime i look at this photo of you J,in that amazing hood it has an incredible effect on me,especially when i'm wearing my rubber gear as i bet it does on you too. It never takes too long to have the desired effect on me. From one rubberist to another-thankyou both yet again.
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Jan-21 07:58:43 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,I hope you are well and enjoying as many rubber sessions as possible?!! I am spending the whole day totally enclosed in wonderful black rubber again and enjoying your photos again too! Sorry for commenting on this photo for a third time but it's your fault for looking so amazing! Everything in this photo is just perfect,your perfect figure,that stunning rubber suit and one of the best rubber hoods I've ever seen. All of that and some stunning bondage gear too! It all must of felt amazing and I bet you had a wonderful orgasm,or several at the end of it all too no doubt! I would love to have a rubber girl like you J to put me into this kind of rubber bondage,and I her,well that's the dream anyway! Your photos give me hope! Tonight I shall sleep still totally enclosed in my rubber and in my rubber sleep sack too and have many orgasms dreaming of you in your rubber and wishing that I might get lucky one day! Thank you again J and take care.
  • jimbob on 2012-Apr-28 16:09:11 jimbob said

    Always thought this pic was the best. All enclosed an bound an sexy. Perfect