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  • on 2005-Nov-25 01:27:35 said

    the start or end of a fun evening ?
  • Jala on 2005-Nov-25 03:59:46 Jala said

    This is my favourite. Can we have more like this please?
  • lady lover on 2005-Dec-05 14:18:17 lady lover said

    I would just love to help you into and out of that catsuite
  • on 2005-Dec-14 08:39:57 said

    ok you remove your catsuit then i wear it
  • Unknown on 2006-Aug-11 16:24:21 Unknown said

    YOu are so hottttt take it all off!!! and put a gasmask on when you are stripping its so sexy
  • julian on 2007-Jan-14 05:29:03 julian said

    you look hevern and earth all roled into one
  • on 2009-Jan-02 13:05:09 said

    As fetishists, we play in rubber. As lovers we snuggle skin-to-skin. This photo captures both facets of our lives. I absolutely love it!
  • on 2009-Jan-02 13:06:27 said

    Whoops! That was the wrong email address.
  • rubber man on 2009-Jul-20 11:14:28 rubber man said

    Lovely shot, but she should be wearing a gas mask while stripping off latex suit. I am naked at the P.C. wearing a gas mask while viewing this shot...
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-20 13:54:54 Rubber.R said

    Very sexy J,another satisfied rubberist,feels amazing doesn't it.