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  • julian on 2006-Dec-16 08:24:54 julian said

    i love those pvc boots and you as well you look wonderfull to me yes you do babby
  • Mister Chris on 2006-Dec-22 09:13:45 Mister Chris said

    where did you get the boots from? :-D
  • SteveN on 2007-Jan-02 02:15:35 SteveN said

    A lovely Lady in a wonderful Position.

    Greetings from Cologne
  • julian on 2007-May-18 14:43:21 julian said

    i love thos pvc boots and you j as well you look like the lady of my drems yes you do very much and i love thoses thigh high pvc boots of your yes i do baby and you to yes i do j
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-13 07:34:09 Rubber.R said

    'Put me in bondage-NOW'!! J,you certainly don't need any encouragement do you!