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  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-13 08:17:23 Rubber.R said

    You look a little concerned in there J as the camera comes round to the back of you,no need to worry J,you look perfect from behind too,or is it that you might well be in for a good spanking that's got you concerned? Hmm,now there's a thought,it will serve you right for being a naughty little rubber girl,and there's nothing you can do about it except scream!
  • Jennifer on 2012-Apr-24 10:39:01 Jennifer said

    Bramus,Thanks for this nice plugin.One thing you shloud really talk about in the documentation is to tell people to check the path is correct for the images.I usually organize my wesites as:root/index.phproot/js/progressBarFiles.jsroot/js/images/bramus/imagefiles.pngI spent an hour trying to figure why the images were not showing until I realized, the script was looking in:localhost/website/images/bramus/image.pnginstead of going to:localhost/website/js/images/bramus/image.pngHope these helps some people. Great script though.