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  • moomin on 2006-Jul-17 10:06:47 moomin said

    where can i buy these suits or hoods?
  • pasaband on 2006-Aug-23 04:31:47 pasaband said

    let me put my hand over your airintake!
    that would be fun
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-25 12:11:48 Rubber.R said

    Nice gasmask J,it goes well with that lovely rubber hood and sexy rubber posture collar. Would love to pull that strap around your neck up a couple more holes and hear you as you struggled a bit more to breathe. It would also give you a more intense orgasm when you came.
  • Glossyds on 2010-May-27 15:56:47 Glossyds said

    Fantastic bondage picture,a lady who looks like she is really enjoying being tied to that chair.