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  • russ on 2006-Mar-24 15:24:16 russ said

    every update you just get sexier !
  • Mark on 2006-Apr-10 11:07:58 Mark said

    Simply stunning!A latex clad beauty. Thank you for sharing with us and please share some more!
  • fuerwahr on 2006-Apr-16 15:37:14 fuerwahr said

    Ihr wuerde ich gerne auch mal einen Platz anbieten
  • richard_lovelace@yahoo.com on 2006-May-19 10:34:52 richard_lovelace@yahoo.com said

    Great angle, so we can check out her shiny curves. Nice smile, too. Over the shoulder gets me every time.b
  • geelog on 2006-Jul-26 15:46:04 geelog said

    I didn't think it possible; but here she is even more delicious!!
  • DaveE on 2006-Aug-05 16:49:13 DaveE said

    Gorgeous. The look in those eyes and the shiny latex - what a combination.
  • pasaband on 2006-Aug-23 04:37:43 pasaband said

    john has all the fun
  • kinky.boi@hotmail.co.uk on 2006-Dec-13 01:26:07 kinky.boi@hotmail.co.uk said

    very sexy keep it up
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Feb-10 03:54:27 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are well? Today is another total enclosure in black rubber and looking at your photos day! This is such a sexy photo of you in your rubber wear J,enough to make me want to have my first orgasm already! You look so at home in that stunning rubber suit with the neck and waist corsets,and as for the boots,wow sums it up! Can I lick them for you?!! You have the perfect figure for wearing rubber and always look a million dollars when you do. It's always very sexy to see you rubber hooded and gas masked,but a shot like this is so sexy without it as your stunning face is just perfect,the perfect dream rubber girl as always J. This is certainly a very good start to my rubber day,and looking at more photos of you will certainly give me many more lovely rubber orgasms,thank you so much as always J and take care.