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  • cc on 2007-Apr-18 15:10:22 cc said

  • KandT on 2007-May-03 00:39:14 KandT said

    this is wonderful. please, could we have more pictures like this.
  • rubberlady on 2007-May-08 13:07:28 rubberlady said

    this is how I like my to be dressed around the house-same gas mask
  • Lady Rubber on 2007-Sep-29 03:00:49 Lady Rubber said

    I always insist that my husband wears this model of gas mask around the house, when we are alone together-he also loves it !
  • rubber man on 2007-Dec-11 12:20:27 rubber man said

    I bought this gas mask for my wife on our wedding anniversary, at first she was reluctant to wear it, but after a bit of persuasion and I showed her my israeli gas mask she decided to try it , now she wears it all the time when we are alone!!
  • rubber on 2009-Feb-28 10:57:27 rubber said

    My girl adores wearing this gas mask..
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-11 16:27:12 Rubber.R said

    Stunning straight jacket and gasmask J,bet they turn you on like crazy. I bet you use those through crotch straps to help you on your way to rubber bliss.