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  • Tim (Melb Australia). Email: on 2007-May-22 07:48:55 Tim (Melb Australia). Email: said

    So cute,the best shot of the lot. I would just love to any length red rubber gloves.
  • plimkinky@yahoo,com on 2007-May-22 07:51:39 plimkinky@yahoo,com said

    Hi all, my last comment about adding any length red rubber gloves, was just my opinion, I also really like black rubber gloves, just thought the red would look fine too.
  • on 2007-Nov-22 07:19:12 said

    GORGEOUS... from the top of your latex cover head to the tip of your rubbery little toes... You are stunningly beautiful. a true rubberman's dream come true - a sexy rubberdoll.
  • nugget on 2008-Jun-16 12:03:26 nugget said

    You look so sexy in that catsuit and hood and that lovely red dress! to top it all off i love the latex toe socks!!!
  • Rubber R. on 2009-Jun-16 12:18:20 Rubber R. said

    you look so happy in that rubber suit and dress,are you wearing a pair of rubber internal dildo pants underneath your catsuit?!