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  • latex girl on 2007-Nov-03 11:30:09 latex girl said

    the last time my mistress put me in one of these I was made to sweat it out for 24 hrs...I loved the utter feeling of helplessness and the smell of rubber.
  • rubber maid on 2009-Feb-17 07:06:16 rubber maid said

    i am wearing this gas mask and nothing else while sitting at the p.c. with my husbands head between my legs bringing both of us to orgasm...
  • bill bob on 2009-May-29 15:05:05 bill bob said

    You must be boiling in that lot
  • Rubber.R on 2010-Mar-18 14:01:22 Rubber.R said

    You look so beautiful and incredibly sexy in this photo J. Absolute rubber bondage perfection.
  • s10lover on 2012-May-28 07:58:08 s10lover said

    i love that how long did it take u and did u reach orgaism