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  • fraz on 2007-May-09 11:51:00 fraz said

    similar to my sleep sack but the s10 gasmask is part of the sleepsack and also has internal arms ps where are the straps from
  • lslv on 2008-Feb-04 09:55:54 lslv said

    helpless before your rubber fate, it is lovely to see your so expressive eyes commenting on your own predicament (you are good at that!)
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-20 16:22:36 Rubber.R said

    You just get sexier all the time! Nice gasmask,i have an S10 too,very comfortable aren't they. Would be amazing to hear your breathing in it.
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Feb-19 02:41:10 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are well? I have just woken up from a night totally enclosed in my rubber wear in an outfit quite similar to this one but in my lovely rubber sleep sack,not a bondage one. There's nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping and waking up in rubber,but then i'm sure you know that already! I had an amazing dream about you and this set of photos,which are still the best set of photos of an amazing rubber girl on the web,just perfect as always J. In my dream though there was a 'fifth layer',me,totally enclosed in my rubber wear,well like I said it was a dream!! It was amazing,and without wanting to be too rude I could almost smell your rubber wear and hear you scream into your gas mask with both of us having plenty of orgasms during our session,the real stuff of dreams. Are there any plans to do another set like this at all in the not too distant future,hope so?!! Thank you so much as always J,you are the ultimate dream rubber girl,and John is the luckiest guy alive! Take care guys.