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  • rubberlover on 2007-May-08 13:03:50 rubberlover said

    Darling, you are wearing my wife's favourite gas mask
  • on 2008-Jan-20 01:59:45 said

    Oh to be trussed up like that and waiting for my master to attend to me!
  • rubber babe on 2008-Jun-26 08:26:53 rubber babe said

    my husband bought this gas mask for my birthday, I adore wearing for him,we also have a set of rubber sheets. My husband wears a russian gas mask in our bedroom...
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-20 16:33:37 Rubber.R said

    Still looking sensational and still asleep! Must be a nice rubber dream your having,does it involve 4 layers of rubber and a mirror?! Seems that dreams can come true,well fingers crossed anyway!