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  • K&T on 2007-May-07 23:20:33 K&T said

    Simply stunning photograph
  • alan the viking on 2007-Aug-08 09:12:50 alan the viking said

    ow my i would give any thing to be tied up like that...
  • Rubber Lover on 2007-Dec-05 08:33:57 Rubber Lover said

    i wish i could have a hood/gas mask like that.
  • Daz on 2008-Jan-20 03:09:52 Daz said

    I would love to get inside there, blind and deaf every single night til the following morning!! Detention for life, NO tv and NO music allowed in solitary confinement encased inside! Perfect for me!!
  • kaj on 2008-Jun-02 11:33:53 kaj said

    me And you have the same fetish
  • Bloke on 2008-Sep-11 12:33:01 Bloke said

    I want to get involved in bondage like this but dont know how!
  • Revenne on 2009-Mar-08 07:17:12 Revenne said

    To be totally enclosed in rubber like that is a fantesy I would like to experience
  • bill bob on 2009-May-29 15:07:23 bill bob said

    Jesus,, are u struggling to breath in that lot??
  • Rubber R. on 2009-Jun-04 11:17:17 Rubber R. said

    Stunning lady,stunning heavy rubber bondage,wish i could be in there with u. A rubberists dream come true,keep up the great work please!
  • latex man on 2010-May-18 03:58:50 latex man said

    cool totally enclosed in 4 layers of latex and a gas mask i wish that was me in there
  • Dark Silence on 2010-Aug-10 20:40:46 Dark Silence said

    A video of you struggling in something like this would be amazing...
  • rubberdiver on 2010-Nov-04 03:54:00 rubberdiver said

    great, and at least a´rebreather bag on the tube