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  • Jodsclass on 2007-May-08 10:44:39 Jodsclass said

    WOW, superb total enclosure shot!
  • BishopFan1 on 2007-May-08 20:40:51 BishopFan1 said

    Another great set! Thank you for posting it!
  • mad mike on 2007-May-09 06:24:59 mad mike said

    Wow, yet another fantastic set, you are an amazing couple.
  • james on 2007-May-09 18:38:15 james said

    you should do more shoots like this
  • rubber man on 2007-May-10 02:44:04 rubber man said

    some gas mask
  • julian on 2007-May-18 14:40:37 julian said

    is this whot you mean by bound and gagid if so can we plese prity plese see some action prity plese
  • yta on 2007-Jun-07 01:45:52 yta said

    So, how long can you stay like that?
  • roby on 2007-Jun-09 07:07:25 roby said

    these are just beautiful pictures! thank you!
  • capemann on 2007-Sep-12 07:12:26 capemann said

    Very nice,i like it very much
  • hmmmmmmm on 2007-Sep-16 14:56:14 hmmmmmmm said

    great pic made me turn i Love being a Rubberist
  • tubbstitute on 2007-Oct-28 12:25:58 tubbstitute said

    I enjoy the fact that you appear to be in it at least as much for the bondage as for any overt sexual stimulation. Although I can only imagine the frisson afterwards (or when the camera goes off)!
  • bodysuit on 2007-Nov-20 12:22:28 bodysuit said

    The only thing missing is a little e-stim to add to the frustration factor and keep her attention focused. Don't want her to just lay there and fall asleep in all that comfy latex.
  • Daz666 on 2008-Jan-20 03:18:03 Daz666 said

    Perfect rubber enclosure indeed! I totally agreed. Got to have e-stim inserted inside her. Keep her in detention for life locked in a room, NO recreation allowed. I would pay to watch her suffer and panic, desperate to end her detention and have freedom!
  • daz666 on 2008-Feb-02 14:42:34 daz666 said

    Hey please contact me. I really want to get inside there and not go home and keep me there for as long as you want. Seriously!
  • Zdenda on 2008-Feb-20 07:30:25 Zdenda said

    I am from czech rep. and this is MEGASUPER site. Thanks very lot :)
  • Docteur AR on 2008-Mar-20 06:07:28 Docteur AR said

    What a wonderful serie with a really good willing latex slave!!!
    This is great, please continue this way for bouth your and our pleasure.
  • Bloke on 2008-Sep-10 09:56:49 Bloke said

    How can you get involved in this bondage? Looks great
  • Bloke on 2008-Sep-11 13:00:39 Bloke said

    I have got to get in there!!! I want to bound in latex!
  • rubberedup on 2009-Jun-11 14:31:49 rubberedup said

    what can one say apart from you are something special.thank you for shareing them with us.i,m next
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Aug-02 12:56:08 Rubber.R said

    Oh wow,absolute perfection. J,you look amazing in your heavy rubber bondage,what a photo. What wouldn't i give to have a rubber lady like u J to share my rubber dreams with. I bet your breathing sounds amazing when you orgasm in that rubber outfit.
  • Flaker66 on 2012-Jan-14 13:47:12 Flaker66 said

    If there are any more sites like this tell me on the 3rd picture of the most recent update I will be looking there