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  • Jane on 2008-Nov-15 14:10:13 Jane said

    We've missed you! So happy to see you once again - lovely as usual!
  • on 2009-Jan-02 13:17:03 said

    You are absolutely beautiful! Just FYI, I *really* *really* liked how you looked wearing rubber in your early photos with a little more padding! ;)
  • Lily on 2009-Jan-04 01:02:42 Lily said

    Brilliant set! I have enjoyed your work for years and this is among the finest ever. Thanks ever so much for sharing it with your adoring fans!
  • paul on 2009-Feb-18 11:44:40 paul said

    lov it how about an inflatable suit for J?
  • rubbersissy on 2009-Apr-01 18:50:00 rubbersissy said

    i used to love dressing in my girlfriends baby blue latex dress i look at this and it reminds me of being a sissy dressing up like you do would be a dream