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  • mad mike on 2008-Oct-27 08:32:32 mad mike said

    fantastic set, once again many thanks for sharing
  • teacher on 2008-Oct-31 07:06:07 teacher said

    Perhaps next time J will do her homework on time so she will not have the punishment. Or is that the idea of not doing it ontime ;-)
  • rubbersissy on 2009-Nov-12 14:53:45 rubbersissy said

    i wonder if them knickers have an internal dildomy girlfriend made me wear my rubber pants with internal anal dildo and latex stocking with suspenders and then said we needed to go shopping and i wasnt allowed to get changedim sure a few ppl noticed i had latex on but when we got home she tied me up like this for about 2 hours, my cock was hard for hours