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  • lslv on 2008-Oct-27 23:01:54 lslv said

    Do you find it very erotic to have to stare at yourself in the various predicaments you keep getting yourself into J?
  • jt on 2008-Oct-29 07:30:32 jt said

    all i can say to that is YES!
  • lslv on 2008-Oct-31 12:05:18 lslv said

    what an outstanding character trait....
  • dean on 2009-Jan-03 16:11:42 dean said

    Love this one! What makes your galleries such a turn-on is seeing you both before and after masking - you're very attractive, as I'm sure you're aware :) - and seeing you in and out of the mask is just heaven! Thanks to both of you for sharing your fabulous pics!
  • MasterNLittleGirl on 2009-Jan-24 04:15:59 MasterNLittleGirl said

    Love the site, the pictures, the equipment, everything. You guys have given us so much inspiration as a younger couple not long into the scene. This picture especially inspired our latest set of latex and gas masks.