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  • j&d on 2008-Sep-15 22:06:23 j&d said

    yay you're back!

    we love you guys, keep up the good work.

  • mad mike on 2008-Sep-17 13:20:34 mad mike said

    so v sexy, worth the wait if only my gf understood
  • on 2008-Oct-05 06:25:01 said

    great shot love the multiple angles with the mirrors
  • PD on 2008-Oct-06 04:18:29 PD said

    Great to see you back with new pics. Love the hair colour too.
  • tiger_driver on 2008-Oct-10 19:47:35 tiger_driver said

    gorgeous as always j, I think this was worth the wait
  • on 2008-Oct-22 06:00:46 said

    fabulous new pics you ar looking great.Always a favourite the hogtie!!
  • DarknessFalls on 2008-Nov-22 13:30:57 DarknessFalls said

    Stunning as usual, the colour suits the dark hair to perfection. My partner and I have a little way to go in this direction, however, I'm working on him!
  • on 2009-Jun-21 14:15:16 said

    Beautiful Model.....

    My erotic dream...
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-17 17:00:01 Rubber.R said

    Wow,three views for the price of one,what more could a rubberist ask for! That red rubber dress looks perfect J,as does your figure and your hair looks beautiful too.