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  • lslv on 2008-Oct-06 04:15:45 lslv said

    gagged'n ready to drool!
    (what a wonderful selection of toys as the background)
  • les on 2009-Apr-05 11:25:46 les said

    You obviously know what this does for men, wish more girls did.
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-17 17:18:45 Rubber.R said

    Simple yet made so very sexy by you J.
  • Mariel on 2012-Apr-24 11:56:59 Mariel said

    Hi,I see bramus has not reeilpd for a long time now; i hope someone else could be able helping I'm using the progress bar for a quiz game. as soon as a user click on any answer i'm using manualPB2.setPercentage('0 , true); to reset the bar. However the bar will go to 100% and then requires another manualPB2.setPercentage('0 , true); to reset it. I've noticed that this happens when the bar is in progress. If it's stopped then there's no problem.So i'd like to know if there's a function to stop the bar as soon as a button has been clicked