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  • Hank on 2008-Sep-17 12:42:27 Hank said

    Sweeet :)

    Thanks for comming back ;) Absolutley sweet Pictures.
    Hope we do not have to wait so long for another new pics.

    Thanks for sharing your Pics !!!

    Greetings from Germany
  • lslv on 2008-Sep-22 01:33:38 lslv said

    wow, thanks for sharing your dribble with your fans
  • rubberb0y2000@yahoo.com on 2008-Sep-29 07:49:08 rubberb0y2000@yahoo.com said

    A great pose from a very hot looking lady
  • PD on 2008-Oct-06 04:20:38 PD said

    Love the dribble. But if i may be a little picky. Can we see the same shot with a red ball gag to go with the great dress :-)
  • bleek on 2008-Dec-15 14:58:40 bleek said

    perfect picture
  • mrmox on 2009-Jul-17 12:50:22 mrmox said

    Never thought that drool could be so sexy!
  • Carumbad on 2009-Oct-18 16:35:46 Carumbad said

    That's incredibly sexy, love it.
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-17 17:39:32 Rubber.R said

    Wow J,this is a very very sexy photo. Seeing a woman in rubber bondage dribbling from her gag is such a sexy thing to see,especially when it's you J. This photo is making me dribble in my rubberwear and not just from my mouth,would love to see the pool of dribble on that wonderfully shiny rubber bedsheet of yours,would love to see more photos of you dribbling from your gag J.
  • lslv on 2010-Jan-15 02:49:55 lslv said

    i keep coming back to what must be one of the most outstanding rubber pictures around: such a message: "wearing my rubber has turned me (j) into juice", i am sure we all feel for you j