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  • CJ on 2008-Sep-15 20:28:11 CJ said

    She is a very, very, lucky girl, hopefully i get someone with similar enthusiasm
  • rubber1 on 2008-Nov-23 21:01:31 rubber1 said

    Love the hinged handcuffs with the latex!! Maybe next time you can get some closeups of the cuffs on J's wrists, then later in the set, give her the key and try to unlock the cuffs. Great stuff!! Keep it coming.
  • les on 2009-Apr-05 11:28:10 les said

    Oh my, Ive gone all breathless. Lovely
  • sam oviol on 2009-Dec-03 08:02:31 sam oviol said

  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-17 17:46:09 Rubber.R said

    More dribble,this really is something else,simply gorgeous J.
  • Leo on 2012-Apr-24 13:03:59 Leo said

    Hi, I love your script, but have a small issue.I use jarpacvist dom to add the rows and columns to my table and one of my columns contains the progressbar. The problem is that nothing happens. What can I do to make it work?var td = document.createElement( td');td.setAttribute( class', tdDo');var span = document.createElement( span');span.setAttribute( id', arr[i][8]);span.setAttribute( class', progressBar');spanInhoud = arr[i][3] + % ;span.appendChild(document.createTextNode(spanInhoud));td.appendChild(span);tr.appendChild(td);