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  • on 2008-Sep-18 04:24:28 said

    really great shot....
  • lslv on 2008-Sep-22 01:31:53 lslv said

    another super, super set. J's enthusiasm seems boundless. The new hair is quite a change but it is the same enthusiastic and willing face. This shot expresses it all so well.
  • Yo on 2009-Jul-03 23:07:58 Yo said

    Were the ball gag?
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-17 17:55:36 Rubber.R said

    Such a shame that the ball gag has been removed,but it looks like you are ready to have it put back in as your mouth is wide open,i would really love to put it back into your mouth and buckle it tightly round the back of your head for you J.