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  • Ern on 2009-Sep-04 06:51:48 Ern said

    WOW Fantastic picture, hot sweat. All other 25 pics are also great, but this is definitely no.1
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-05 04:37:38 Rubber.R said

    Oh wow,what a photo,what a view! Great stuff J,and your hair looks great too.
  • Administrator (admin) on 2009-Sep-10 15:09:03 Administrator (admin) said

    2 Rubber R I've been thinking about changing my hair but might keep like this for now whats your fav pic from this set
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Nov-13 01:41:31 Rubber.R said

    Hi J(wow,deep breaths,try and remain calm!!),how are you? Your hair looks the nicest i've ever seen it in this photo,there's something about seeing you in a rubber suit with your hair trailing over it that is soooo sexy,and to see you in a rubber suit with your hair like this would look stunning,which is strange because it's normally pictures of you totally enclosed in rubber bondage,like in 4 layers and a mirror that i love the most. As for my favorite picture,now there's a question! I love all of the photos of you in your rubberwear,and your site is the best on the web by miles but from this set,nos 1.8,9,14.15 and 23(!)stand out,with no 14 my favourite,i think,if that helps?!! Hope you two (lucky!) are having lots of rubbery fun,and taking lots of pictures for the next set.....! Take care and enjoy!
  • rubber t on 2010-Jan-05 03:56:43 rubber t said

    Now theres an inviting pose,she should be wearing her gas mask though
  • tony rubber on 2010-Jun-04 07:11:21 tony rubber said

    ihave to undress and put my gas mask on and masturbate evey time i look at this picture of J's lovely bottom. here comes my wife she will be jealous of J, she is putting her gas mask on