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  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-05 04:43:07 Rubber.R said

    What beautiful eyes you have J.
  • GZ on 2009-Sep-19 09:21:24 GZ said

    Nice contrast between the shiny & matt latex! Well photographed too, the exposure is exactly right!
  • rubber lover on 2009-Oct-12 10:38:21 rubber lover said

    I'm ready for you babe just let me get into my latex thong and put my gas mask on
  • a happy rubber maid on 2009-Oct-12 10:47:31 a happy rubber maid said

    when my husband comes home i have to spend all evening dressed in a similar rubber outfit with an identical lovely gas mask!!
  • T in rubber on 2009-Nov-25 12:32:16 T in rubber said

    I had a lovely surprise last week, it was my birthday, and my darling wife J bought me a similar gas mask to J's. Inever thought she liked gas mask's, but she also bought a similar one for herself. I now have to teach her how to put it on, a difficult job but someone has to do it!! Lovely jubbley.
  • rubber lady on 2009-Dec-14 11:34:12 rubber lady said

    I see j has something in common with me, we both love wearing a gas mask, especially when my husband wears his as well, and we both strip naked except for rubber thong and pouch
  • rubber maid on 2010-Jan-05 03:59:51 rubber maid said

    th when he comes in from workis is how i greet my husband when he comes home
  • rubber miss on 2010-Feb-28 06:45:10 rubber miss said

    when my boyfriend comes to visiti always greet him dressed like this
  • rubber t on 2010-Mar-27 12:07:17 rubber t said

    this is my wife's favourite gas mask