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  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-05 04:45:36 Rubber.R said

    Now the fun begins! Simple yet stunning.
  • Rubberman on 2009-Oct-12 10:35:49 Rubberman said

    What a cracking picture,gorgeous figure topped off with our favourite gas mask
  • rubberman on 2009-Nov-09 11:05:13 rubberman said

    What a gorgeous body J has, accentuated by the lovely rubber mini dress, topped off with my wife's favourite gas mask
  • maid who loves rubber on 2009-Nov-09 11:13:05 maid who loves rubber said

    what a superb pair of breasts the young lady has, my husband bought me this gas mask for my birthday last week. I love to wear it when the two of us are alone. without any clothes!!

    In fact I am naked in front of our laptop and my dear husband is also naked wearing his russian gas mask-he is massaging my.....
  • Y on 2009-Nov-10 10:45:59 Y said

    What gas mask model is it?
  • young married latex babe on 2009-Nov-11 03:39:38 young married latex babe said

    Aren't we lucky ladies to be able to buy these lovely gas masks to wear in our bedrooms, and here comes my young husband of a couple of weeks-naked except for a bulging latex posing pouch, elbow length latex gloves and best of all a gas mask similar to the one J is wearing ,,,,
  • rubber j on 2009-Nov-25 12:23:42 rubber j said

    I was never keen on wearing a gas mask, until my darling husband bought me one on my birthday, I was a little apprehensive about wearing it at first. But after a little persuasion igave it a try, ooh lovely smell of rubber. Then T Stripped off and put his gas mask on, it has already improved our sex life, and i am reluctant to take the gas mask off, so we wear them most of the evening, and when we go to bed...
  • middle aged convert to rubber on 2009-Dec-14 11:00:53 middle aged convert to rubber said

    my husband bought this gas mask for me, i wasn't keen to wear it at first, then i spoke to my neighbour and she wears one in the bedroom for her husband naked each evening and loves it, after trying one on , so do i
  • latex babe on 2010-Jan-04 07:26:05 latex babe said

    yhis is how i love to dress up in the evening to relax my husband after work
  • rubber fella on 2010-Feb-28 06:51:27 rubber fella said

    i sitting naked at my laptop, studying your lovely pictures, my wife has just come in, wearing a similar latex outfit and gas mask,she has a spare gas mask in her hands, which she is now pulling over my head.....
  • rubber t on 2010-Jun-04 07:00:14 rubber t said

    I was pleasantly surprised to find how many of my female friends wear a gas mask for their boy friends or husbands