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  • Kurashima on 2009-Sep-04 10:38:20 Kurashima said

    Ive seen this pose before , but I dont think ive ever seen it look this good.
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-05 05:22:51 Rubber.R said

    Hmm hmm hmm. How sexy and inviting do you look in that pose J,simply stunning. Oh just to be able to unzip the crotch zip on your rubber suit and......bliss!
  • GZ on 2009-Sep-19 09:24:27 GZ said

    That's an extremely well fitting cat suit, well done!
  • rubber master on 2010-Jan-04 07:14:45 rubber master said

    thi is how i love my darling wife to sit when i put my gas mask on in the playroom
  • sealsuit on 2011-Oct-14 04:24:09 sealsuit said

    any chance of joining you you look beautiful.where did you get that lovely catsuit