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  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-06 04:44:02 Rubber.R said

    Now there's a look,a rubber mistress not to be messed with! I would be in rubber heaven if i were on all fours in front of you in my rubberwear with you looking down on me like that.
  • rubber gal on 2009-Oct-12 10:42:55 rubber gal said

    This is how my husband likes me to dress in our bedroom...also him in a rubber suit with a gorgeous gas mask on...
  • rubber lady on 2009-Nov-09 11:21:22 rubber lady said

    what a superb picture, i can see i will have to get my rubber suit and british gas mask out of the cupboard and give my beloved the treat of his life, especially when he sees the gas mask i bought for him this morning,it will give me the pleasure fitting the gas mask on him.
  • t in  a gas mask on 2010-Jan-04 07:21:43 t in a gas mask said

    my wife caught me looking at this gorgeous picture,went out without a word, came back later with two of these gas masksput one on me and asked me to put one on her
  • on 2010-Jan-09 15:57:00 said

    Hi- we love your pics and think that the S10 is absolutely your gasmask. Really suits you. Happy New year to you both
    Julian and Tamar
  • rubber lady on 2010-Feb-28 06:56:22 rubber lady said

    i bought a similar latex suit with my birthday/xmas money. i also treated us to two of these gas masks, my dear husband is in for a nice surprise tonight!
  • jean in a gas mask on 2010-Jun-04 07:05:18 jean in a gas mask said

    i wear a similar gas mask for my husband so does my friend carol next door. our husbands love us to get kitted up.i am sitting naked at the laptop wearing a gas mask
  • Lesley loves latex on 2010-Jun-05 17:06:17 Lesley loves latex said

    A lovely outfit,I wear a similar one complete with strap-on for when the boy friend has not behaved him self