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  • Mike on 2009-Sep-04 00:59:43 Mike said

    Hi, Nice shots as always. Where did you get the suit from with the 2 zipps up to the neck.
  • JT on 2009-Sep-04 01:46:15 JT said

    Hi, glad you like it, it came from sealwear, but is quite old now.
  • smac on 2009-Sep-04 17:55:59 smac said

    More more!
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-06 06:16:29 Rubber.R said

    Simply stunning J. That suit looks so great on you,even if it is quite old,and it accentuates all of your curves beautifully.
  • rubber lady on 2009-Dec-14 11:07:15 rubber lady said

    why should men have all the fun? Come on ladies,treat yourselves to a gas mask like this one, and give your husband a bigger erection, and you will love it!!
  • rubber loving guy on 2010-Jan-05 04:02:33 rubber loving guy said

    lovely breasts, great gas mask