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  • singleglove1971 on 2010-Aug-06 15:47:01 singleglove1971 said

    Hi, guys. Congrats on a yet another splendid set of pix - always worth checking back for!

    Boring question, I know: can you tell us where you found the bag, please? pup and I have a dogsuit from Elena's Latex, which looks vaguely similar to what JT is modelling so capably. ;-)


  • John on 2010-Aug-06 15:49:42 John said

    I'm told it came from some ebay seller from china: they took a risk with it but it turned out well!
  • singleglove1971 on 2010-Aug-06 15:53:16 singleglove1971 said

    So it seems, John! Tough position, that. Much respect for sticking it out for an hour, JT. pup and I hope you got a nice reward for being such a trouper.