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  • iloveJ on 2010-Aug-06 12:48:13 iloveJ said

    nice, feeling horny...
  • Daz666 on 2010-Aug-15 03:29:32 Daz666 said

    Wow! That is a brilliant one! How long did you stay inside for? And were you wearing a gag inside that hood?
  • Daz666 on 2010-Aug-15 03:32:02 Daz666 said

    Oops! I didn't read it properly! You stayed for an hour. Try 4 hours! I dare you!
  • rubberteuchter on 2010-Aug-19 07:21:19 rubberteuchter said

    This is an absolutely stunning full cover bondage picture. They don't come any better than this!
  • Jackstrapped on 2010-Oct-05 08:16:54 Jackstrapped said

    Great series... for total control try the latex straitjacket inside the bag... and where did you get yours? I love the breathing tube!
  • colin on 2011-Nov-28 10:17:21 colin said

    if i was in the sack i would make sure i was gagged [ inflateable of course ], completely bound and be in , for 6 hours if possible, would also be wearing a good gasmask, that would be heaven.