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  • lslv on 2010-Aug-07 10:42:32 lslv said

    as ever, so inspirational, should we guess that the constricted nature of the sack meant that more than an hour would get difficult?
  • RubberBallet on 2010-Aug-14 23:16:14 RubberBallet said

    What prevents you lasting longer ? Boredom, claustrophobia, uncomfortable position, lack of stimulation ?
  • Latexbaum on 2010-Aug-16 04:47:57 Latexbaum said

    That is a great Photo (and a lovely Lady)!
    Greets from Germany
  • BishopFan1 on 2010-Aug-26 05:10:59 BishopFan1 said

    How about a few pix showing you getting into the sack (so to speak)?

    Love your work, as allways!