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  • rubber t on 2010-Feb-28 06:41:05 rubber t said

    great gas mask shot
  • madmike on 2010-Mar-03 12:47:49 madmike said

    what a shot, i can almost hear your breath.......
  • Rubber.R on 2010-Apr-24 07:05:43 Rubber.R said

    What a stunning photo J. The attached ponytail hood on your rubber suit with your hair sticking out the top of it looks brilliant. What a close-up too of your gasmask and that very sexy black rubber locking bondage collar.
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Mar-14 04:42:45 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are having a rubbery time?! I certainly am,and looking at your photos while suitably enclosed of course! This is a stunning photo of you in your rubber wear J and is absolute rubber perfection. The suit with the ponytail hood with your beautiful hair sticking out the top is just amazing,add in the gas mask and the bondage collar and you have what looks like rubber heaven to me J! Just like always you are doing it to me yet again J and my rubber penis sheath is now very well lubricated after looking at your photos and dreaming of being with my dream rubber girl dressed just as you are here J! Even just half a chance would be a fine thing! I have been totally enclosed in my rubber for 11 wonderful hours now and have loved every minute of it thanks to you J,my dream rubber girl. Thank you so much J,take care,and happy rubbering up!