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  • Rubber.R on 2010-Feb-21 14:41:05 Rubber.R said

    Wow,now that is the look of one very happy rubber girl totally enclosed in her rubber. That is such a wonderful,sexy smile that you have there J,you look so sexy and are certainly having a massive effect on me sitting here in my rubberwear. Nice to see that you are still wearing that beautiful red rubber suit whilst in your rubber bondage sack,the more layers of rubber the better!
  • sexrubberman on 2010-Mar-18 12:02:40 sexrubberman said

    you are very happy in this sleepsac!!
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Mar-11 03:46:11 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are well? This is a stunning set of photos and I can't believe that there aren't more comments,especially for this one J! Yet again I have spent the night totally enclosed in rubber,gaged,gas masked and in my rubber sleep sack,dreaming about you in this photo,and finding it impossible not to have several orgasms. You look so perfect lying there in your layers of shiny rubber,smiling away like the perfect rubber girl that you are J. You are the rubber girl of my dreams J,and you always make my rubber sessions so much more enjoyable with your stunning photos and you are the inspiration for all of my sessions too. I can't wait to see your next set,but more of this kind of thing would be good,hint! Thank you J,and please know that your photos mean so much,take care.