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  • Rubber.R on 2010-Feb-21 15:01:21 Rubber.R said

    As if that rubber bondage sack wasn't enough to keep you in your place J,now there are straps to keep you even more snug in your rubber,wow,it just gets better!
  • Craig Dhu on 2010-Feb-22 14:21:05 Craig Dhu said those flaps open up?
  • Administrator (admin) on 2010-Feb-23 01:22:23 Administrator (admin) said

    yes they did :)
  • rbbrbon on 2010-Mar-07 08:42:09 rbbrbon said

    that is perfectly horny
  • Magnus on 2010-Apr-11 10:02:46 Magnus said

    hmmmm..... i would love the feel of that :)
  • daz666 on 2010-Jun-19 03:40:39 daz666 said

    I would love to stay in that room, encased in tough rubber not going anywhere. Detention for life in all rubber. No freedom, no tv, no music, no books, no nothing! Bliss!