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  • on 2010-Feb-20 10:50:02 said

    J...You continue to be # ya'...
  • singleglove1971 on 2010-Feb-21 14:51:14 singleglove1971 said

    I'm going to hazard a wild guess and say that you quite enjoyed the sack. ;-) Looks awesome - where did you buy it from?
    All the best, SG
  • Rubber.R on 2010-Feb-21 15:25:56 Rubber.R said

    Seeing you looking so incredible in your rubber bondage sack J has made me want to get into my bondage sack now and see how long i can last before your sexy rubber covered form and beautiful smiling face make me ejaculate into my rubber suit,thank you so much J. (Are there any plans to do a full set of photos of you like this J? As you may be able to guess,they have a certain effect on me!)
  • Administrator (admin) on 2010-Feb-23 01:29:47 Administrator (admin) said

    singlelove1971, sack from Regulation London Jx
  • singleglove1971 on 2010-Feb-23 18:20:02 singleglove1971 said

    Thanks very much, J. We do enjoy your work a lot and hope you get more time to indulge this year.
  • singleglove1971 on 2010-Feb-23 18:29:46 singleglove1971 said

    PS Forgot to mention my subbie's rather fab (if I say so myself) blog. I hope I'm not being too presumptious in thinking that you might be interested, as it has a fair few images and descriptions of latex bondage scenes.

    I don't think this will let me post URLs, but just look up "trinity pup" on Google and you'll find it.