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  • BDSMluver on 2010-Feb-21 09:47:12 BDSMluver said

    I love the clear hood. can you attach a rebreather bag to it?
  • Administrator (admin) on 2010-Feb-23 01:28:14 Administrator (admin) said

    BDSMluver, not sure Jx
  • jacquie on 2010-Feb-28 03:17:29 jacquie said

    Ah, what a brilliant set of image of a lovely lass in her gorgeous red rubber gear! Thanks so much.
  • madmike on 2010-Mar-03 13:01:38 madmike said

    wow fantastic set as we love an are now used too. you really are one amazing women...;-)
  • Rubber.R on 2010-Apr-24 08:17:27 Rubber.R said

    Another amazing set of photos guys. Thankyou so much for sharing again,hope to see some more of your rubber bondage sessions again very soon,take care.