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  • Rubber.R on 2010-May-23 03:21:28 Rubber.R said

    Hi there J. Why don't i ever see anything looking that stunning if i'm ever out walking?!!
  • on 2010-May-26 16:10:45 said

    gotta say we love this set of pics, JT looks great in them and the video is such fun, could only be better if we could hear that sexy scottish accent :)
  • latexreverie on 2010-Jun-05 21:02:13 latexreverie said

    the campsie fells were never like that when I went
    delightful pics - has she found the fountain of youth
    the vid is excellent too
    many thanks
  • on 2010-Jul-05 22:21:02 said

    Surely there must be a waterfall in Wales you could visit next weekend!
    After that, there Ireland, Northern Ireland.........
  • BishopFan1 on 2010-Oct-16 21:54:28 BishopFan1 said

    Possibly the greatest rubber set on the internet!
    More, please!