John's favourite picture from this set


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  • Two Dogs on 2010-May-23 01:02:35 Two Dogs said

    I'm with you all the way, great picture
  • Rubber.R on 2010-May-23 03:24:01 Rubber.R said

    That's a very sexy pose J,every inch the beautiful lady rubberist.
  • on 2010-May-27 20:21:31 said

    Well done, m'lady!
  • lslv on 2010-Jun-08 01:19:52 lslv said

    "John's favourite picture from this set", no argument there. Pure class. A rubberwoman in the riches of Scotland's natural environment. What could be better? Was it taken with the uisge beatha ?
  • on 2010-Jul-02 08:18:44 said

    B wants to know where the waterfall is as she reckons that based on the way you are looking it must be just below the fountain of youth
    having fun keeps you young
    have you been over indulging?
  • Rubber.R on 2012-Feb-26 01:14:00 Rubber.R said

    Hi J,hope you are having a rubbery time and taking lots of photos too?!! You're right John,this is a stunning photo,you've done it again,that's why I've got to comment on it again,sorry! Your figure is so sexy J and is so perfect for wearing that wonderful rubber suit and corset that it's making me dribble from my gag into my gas mask like mad,it's also making me dribble like mad somewhere else too and my penis sheath is now very well lubricated which always feels amazing. It must have been quite scary being outside in such a beautiful place in your rubber wear J,but I bet it was a massive turn on too,have you done it again since? I have just had a lovely night in my rubber again and to wake up and look at you in your rubber is the best way to start another rubber session that there is,fact! Needless to say you were in my dreams,being the perfect rubber girl J,and have had that certain 'effect' on me several times already,as you will throughout the rest of my session as I look at more photos of you in your rubber. Thank you both so much as always,especially J,the perfect lady rubberist,and take care.
  • Micha on 2015-Feb-07 00:52:26 Micha said

    das bild kommt richtig top ... schone dame und very nice umgebung