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  • lslv on 2010-May-21 13:47:58 lslv said

    your sets are always stunners and this set blending your rubber world naturally into the scenery is superb, can you share where the waterfall is?
  • Rubber.R on 2010-May-23 04:28:26 Rubber.R said

    How long were you out there for in your rubberwear J? Did you get seen by anyone,they were very very lucky if they did get to see you all rubbered up and looking shiny!
  • John on 2010-May-23 12:31:35 John said

    It was 10am, a weekday, and deserted, so we were able to get the shots quickly before it rained. If you want a hint on how long the shoot took look at the filenames :-) We'll leave the actual location as the slightly-vague 'Scotland', in case we decide to go again someday!