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  • Rubber.R on 2010-May-23 07:27:08 Rubber.R said

    Now there goes one very satisfied rubbergirl,still wearing her rubber suit in fact! If only people knew what was in the Mr S bag...! We do,as we've been lucky enough to see into your private rubbery world again,and thank you so much for sharing. You've definately given me the confidence to try some outdoor total rubber enclosure of my own,i always thought it would be a turn on,but you've confirmed it! If you ever fancy a walk in the great outdoors totally enclosed in wonderful rubber with an 'outdoors rubber virgin' then just let me know! Thanks again,take care you two.
  • BishopFan1 on 2010-May-29 21:16:47 BishopFan1 said

    Ah yes, the old "flannel shirt to hide the catsuit when out in public" trick. I've done that.
  • on 2010-Jun-05 20:04:29 said

    Just came back for another look at this fantastic set, and cannot believe that there are not more comments! C'mon guys! Show your appreciation for a job well done!!!
  • slave2latex on 2010-Jul-04 03:32:08 slave2latex said

    Came across this site via Rubberpal and all I say that any comments made on these pictures are still not enough to justify just how stunning you are. I just wish you were all mine. What a VERY VERY lucky man and what a GORGEOUS girl.