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  • RubberGasMasked on 2011-Sep-10 10:29:39 RubberGasMasked said

    This one wins!
  • apm on 2011-Sep-10 11:53:02 apm said

    This one looks intense! Love it.
  • boundtoplay on 2011-Sep-11 07:02:19 boundtoplay said

    This is my favourite, it goes so well with the suit!
  • Rubber.R on 2011-Sep-12 00:25:31 Rubber.R said

    I know it's cheating to have two favourites,but there's no way I cannot comment on this one too!This hood is truly stunning,and you look so sexy wearing it J.
  • rubberteuchter on 2011-Sep-12 11:54:15 rubberteuchter said

    This one certainly makes the shortlist!
  • Mad mike on 2011-Sep-12 15:03:15 Mad mike said

    Hello again. Wow soooo sexy !!!!!
  • on 2011-Sep-13 02:53:31 said

    This is a very beautiful mask for Education!
    Greetings from Germany.
  • Slavewill on 2011-Sep-18 01:50:40 Slavewill said

    This one does it for me
  • deanm65 on 2011-Sep-27 14:25:56 deanm65 said

    Love this, even though we can't see any of your lovely face or eyes! But this must be so lovely to wear.
  • singleglove1971 on 2011-Oct-03 04:11:51 singleglove1971 said

    This is my favourite. I have one that's similar to it, and it gets my lovely subbie trinity-pup all spaced out in no time. :-)
    Hope you're both well!
  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-17 23:00:49 Jerry said

    This image sends me wandering, a link to space without time. Does it do that to you?
  • Rubfan on 2011-Dec-20 13:42:03 Rubfan said

    This is my other favorite because it is so intense but soft. Very sexy.
  • lena latex on 2012-Mar-10 03:21:15 lena latex said

    We both love this one, and I'm looking forward to getting same for my birthday present.
  • Latex Sabrina on 2016-Dec-22 06:38:02 Latex Sabrina said

    Best mask ever, total devotion !!