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  • slavewill on 2012-May-22 01:54:07 slavewill said

    i just love this picture. a totally imobile and helpless woman - lovely. All it needs is an inflateable hood to complete the pumped up look
  • John on 2012-May-22 07:06:17 John said

    Working our way up to the inflatable hoods ;)
  • balloonsuit on 2012-Jul-22 18:45:15 balloonsuit said

  • rubbaed on 2013-Jul-09 12:01:24 rubbaed said

    I agree - what a fantastic heavy restrictive rubber suit - I love it!
  • Tina on 2015-Aug-23 06:28:12 Tina said

    Where have you Buy the Rubberbag?