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  • Micha on 2013-Jun-05 06:45:14 Micha said

    Just a beautyful woman!
  • boundtoplay on 2013-Jun-05 08:39:01 boundtoplay said

    Lovely to see you again - I love the way you look so calm and fun, and great match between hair and the nice purple top. Thanks for another nice set, as always - please do keep them coming, they're so much enjoyed!
  • Micha on 2013-Jun-06 07:19:31 Micha said

    Wonderful pictures, as usual but to be honest, past sets were a little more exciting. No offence!!
  • Administrator (admin) on 2013-Jun-07 03:35:58 Administrator (admin) said

    No offence taken; but well spotted -- we actually got interrupted and couldn't continue with the shoot, that's why it ends early :)