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  • unkwn\ on 2005-Feb-06 17:14:44 unkwn\ said

    how much is all this???
  • slave m on 2005-Feb-11 07:57:01 slave m said

    please let me put it on
  • moomin on 2006-Jul-10 08:39:14 moomin said

    please let me into it!!
  • Envy on 2009-May-27 13:53:43 Envy said

    Reminds me of the Flash's suit in my old comics.
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-12 07:16:27 Rubber.R said

    And there it is! What a beautiful rubber suit,nice to see some rubber bed sheets too. I bet your heart was racing when you saw that lot laid out on your bed,so would mine!