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  • rbbrDn on 2004-Apr-22 06:58:27 rbbrDn said

    Very interesting gag, john. I haven't seen one like this before
  • Administrator (admin) on 2004-Apr-22 07:38:14 Administrator (admin) said

    The gag came from the Rob London store just off Oxford Street
  • dick@xs4all.n. on 2004-Aug-21 09:46:57 dick@xs4all.n. said

    The gag will ad to the discomfort while being tight bound in the latex sleeping
    bag for some meditation time
  • on 2004-Aug-22 06:43:04 said

    love the corset where did you get it from
  • Rubberjan on 2005-Feb-24 06:55:09 Rubberjan said

    Should be a rubber blow-up gag,don't you think?
  • crusher on 2005-Apr-02 14:57:18 crusher said

    total geil.macht mich echt rattig
  • Danielle on 2007-Jun-19 13:00:31 Danielle said

    So beautiful... there's nothing as hot as a sexy lady silencing herself with a great big gag. More, please!
  • lslv on 2009-Jun-29 01:10:24 lslv said

    j's expression and eyes as she secures her own gag before the camera speaks volumes about sexual submission
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Sep-18 00:28:27 Rubber.R said

    What a sight to see as the beautiful rubber slave tightens the straps and gags herself into silence and bliss too.