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  • rbrluv on 2004-Apr-12 07:12:49 rbrluv said

  • pasaband on 2004-Jul-16 05:13:31 pasaband said

    could you stop me kissing you all over!!? would that i could
  • justine on 2004-Oct-10 05:35:21 justine said

    i love the hogtie. i would enjoy trading places with her
  • GummiLars on 2005-Jul-12 23:35:25 GummiLars said

    Wish it were me !
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Nov-25 14:03:36 Rubber.R said

    Oh wow J,how sexy do you look in this photo,perfect. Your rubberwear and bedsheets are shining beautifully in the light from the camera,and the hogtie bondage gear looks great too.